The environment is the giver of life on earth since way back in the past.  None other but the humans were ordered to take charge of the environment.


Instead of protecting the environment, we have actually destroyed it.   We have done a disservice to ourselves as the damage perpetrated on earth has as a result come back to haunt us.  There's a massive influx of unpredictable weather patterns, warming and cooling and natural disasters occur on a daily basis.  The planets situation is like a cry for help for people to heed environmental protection measures that will save our dying planet.


Global warming is the number one concern environmental issue.  Warming of the planet has led to melting of ice witnessed at the north and south pole.  This occurrence has led to a rise in water levels and the death of certain wild animals that survive in those cold regions. The expected increase in human population over the next 50 years is feared to aggravate climate warming. 50 years to come population will have increased and climate warming will brutally bare its ugly head.   Humans are the ones responsible for global warming that has put earth on its knees. Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCcOMVfb_MY and know more about environmental issues.


Another environmental issue is water pollution.  This is an environmental issue that affects water bodies rendering them dirty and unfit for consumption.  It has been noted that sea creatures are dying out due to the adverse effects caused by pollution and therefore their numbers are reducing.  The aquatic life has been deeply affected by pollution on their environments that they are dying in masses therefore registering low numbers  Attempts are being made to save such species but sensitization of people of their importance is of more concern.


 Natural resources are being misused through illegal fishing, consumerism logging and mining causing limited natural endowment.  Logging is the wiping out of trees that might be illegal, it also includes deforestation.  hydraulic fracturing and acid drainage are activities that are carried out during mining and they normally result to environment degradation.


it is good to note that the formulation of organizations www.saveearth.info/ that will assist in environmental issues are sprouting and they are gearing up to achieve a substantial amount of results.  Their mandate is to address these issues through education, advocacy and activism.  environmentalism is the new revolution by activists who carry out environment movements in a bid to move and motivate people to be better environment safe keepers.



It should be pointed out that this mandate should not only be carried out by the above advocates but by every human.  We need to come together to save our planet. Get info here